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Hot Peppers

Hot Peppers

SORRY! We are not growing any significant quantities of hot peppers in 2021.  You may see them again in the future.  For now, enjoy our other delicious, local products.

We carry several varieties of hot peppers, including: jalapeño, habanero, serrano, hot hungarian wax, Fresno, and a mixed pack.  Our peppers range in heat with hot hungarian being our mildest variety, and habanero being the hottest.  Each pack is labeled with it’s Scoville rating to indicate its heat level.  Use just a little in sauces, stir fry, salsa, and curry.  Our hot peppers are often in your supermarket within 1-3 days from picking.

Handling: Always use caution when using peppers.  Be sure to wash hands thoroughly after touching peppers.  Avoid touching face, especially eyes.  You may consider using rubber gloves when preparing peppers.  For a milder taste, use only the flesh (no seeds). For lots of zip, use both the flesh and seeds.

Selecting the best: Peppers tend to have a shiny, waxy looking skin.  They can vary in color and sometimes have shades of color on the same pepper.  Green peppers can sometimes turn red when they ripen.  Hot peppers can last up to a couple weeks. Jalapeños are hottest when they have natural striping.

Storing: Store uncut peppers in their original container.  Put cut peppers in a sealed container and store in the refrigerator.  Fresh peppers can be chopped and stored in the freezer in a sealed container.  Frozen, chopped peppers are a great to add spice to any cooked dish.